iMaintain Survey Report Disclaimer

The iMaintain Survey Report that we will provide is a survey of the maintenance requirements that we identify from a visual inspection of the accessible areas to your home. We will offer an opinion as to how the maintenance issues that we identify in the iMaintain Survey can be carried out or improved.

The purpose of the iMaintain Survey is to provide you with a better understanding of your home’s maintenance requirements now and in the future and to estimate likely budget requirements to complete any necessary maintenance work that we identify.

The iMaintain Survey is not an inspection of your home’s construction methods, weather tightness issues or compliance with building codes. In the course of the iMaintain Survey we may identify construction and weather tightness related issues, however you should not rely upon the iMaintain Survey for that purpose. If you do require a report for that purpose we recommend you engage a Registered Building Surveyor to provide a detailed building report prior to any maintenance being undertaken.