Are you looking to make the most of your property? 

Let us create that new room, or functional area to add value to your property. iMaintain is specialised in house extensions and alterations. Sometimes creating an extra living space can be as simple as converting an existing garage or close in a deck, patio or carport. We provide solutions for sleep outs, new integrated garaging, new stand-alone garaging, loft storage, conservatories, new carports and close in existing carports


Is your family growing and you need more bedrooms?

iMaintain can help you with a house extension for your growing family. Extending and upgrading your existing home is often the most economical option. Add a new bedroom wing or create a master bedroom with en-suite. We can create more space, but also upgrade your family’s lifestyle with a new living area or remove walls for an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge.


Upgrade your family’s lifestyle

Make the most of our over 20 years of experience in the building sector. We can help you upgrade your family’s lifestyle by adding more space. Outdoor areas are a great way of house extensions. Extending your family living space using one of many exterior joinery options to connect you with a new timber deck, seating, pergolas, gazebos, BBQ areas and roof covered areas.


We provide a range of house extension building and renovation services including:

  • Living rooms – extend your family living areas, new kitchen/dining/ lounge, remove walls for open plan living, install new outdoor openings
  • New bedrooms – add a new bedroom wing, create a master bedroom with ensuite, install new outdoor openings
  • Outdoor living – new timber decks seating and handrails, pergolas and gazebos, bbq areas, roof covered areas and translucent roofing
  • Garaging – new integrated garaging, new stand-alone garaging, loft storage, new carports
  • Conversions – convert your existing garage to a sleep-out, install interior garage wall linings, close in carports, create loft living and storage spaces
  • Conservatories – build a new dedicated conservatory, close in an existing deck or patio