The iMaintain comprehensive Maintenance Survey is a vital asset in understanding the condition of your building and provides you with a detailed overview of its condition and a schedule of maintenance.


Our survey process

We assess and detail your home, recording construction methods and materials as we go. This process allows us to quantify surface areas for our unique fixed fee pricing and establish budget estimates for your long-term maintenance schedule. We use our building experience, knowledge and understanding of manufacturer’s product warranties to identify what maintenance will be required now, in 1-2 years and 3-5 years.

We discuss with you any current or future plans to make alterations or additions to the home so they can be included and budgeted for in your building and maintenance schedule.

The survey is carried out at your home in your presence. The typical duration of our survey is 2 to 3 hours. To comply with health and safety requirements and ability to access roofing and foundations, we ask that you provide full access to our tradesmen so they can move freely about your property.


Your iMaintain Survey Report

You will receive the iMaintain Survey Report within 48 hours of your onsite survey being carried out. The survey includes photos and a comprehensive breakdown of your home into the various structural areas such as floors, walls, roofs, decking etc. We detail the type of construction method, materials used and maintenance required to keep it sound.

Any potential maintenance required is prioritised under three categories:

  1. Required now,
  2. Required in 1-2 years and
  3. Required in 3-5 years.

“Now” items indicate maintenance work which is required within 4 to 8 weeks if not immediately.

1-2 year and 3-5 year items will be included in the 5-year maintenance schedule and accompanied with an estimated cost for budgeting purposes.

The survey report will be emailed to you along with any quotation information.


The survey fee

The survey is $460 and must be booked and pre-paid in advance of your planned date. Travel costs may also be included depending on your specific location.